An outstanding experience

As one of the leading Debenture ticket resellers, Wimbledon Debenture Holders provide luxurious experiences for their customers. It all starts with the website.

We support the unique configuration that allows different users’ access to the site’s numerous features. Whether it’s Debenture holders listing tickets, customers buying tickets or staff managing the orders, we take responsibility for the overall performance and ensure a smooth user experience.

Ongoing developments

Working in partnership with others

Whilst we’re responsible for the overall development of the website, many requests come from third party companies. We work alongside these, at the request of the client, to integrate their contributions and provide support where needed.

A changing marketplace

Recently, we have introduced advanced permissions that help to streamline staff work-flows as well as styling changes to improve the user experience and developments to comply with GDPR. We help Wimbledon Debenture Holders to remain agile in the market.

Talking different languages

The truly bespoke legacy system operated by Wimbledon Debenture Holders is made up of Ruby on Rails, CakePHP and WordPress. We support each of the different platforms, ensuring that each one performs individually and contributes to the well running of the site as a whole.