Witness the fitness

Physiquipe wanted to improve engagement and performance across multiple media channels.

The main objectives were to enhance email outreach, increase social interactions, and optimise the brand’s overall design, utilising our Develop & Grow¬†package.

Sending the right message

Firstly, we focused on optimising email campaigns, including event announcements, newsletters, and webinars.

Our team crafted compelling content and utilised strategic segmentation to ensure personalised and targeted messaging. Moreover, we incorporated eye-catching designs to enhance visual appeal and reinforce brand identity.

Next, we turned our attention to social media. By leveraging data-driven insights, we developed a tailored social media strategy to increase engagement and drive meaningful interactions.

This involved creating engaging and shareable content (like the example next to this), implementing effective scheduling, and fostering community engagement through active participation and response management.

Proven results

Through a holistic approach encompassing email optimisation, social media strategies, and captivating design, we successfully boosted engagement and performance for Physiquipe.

The exceptional results achieved in email CTR and social interactions highlight our expertise in crafting personalised and engaging content.

  • Email click-through rate (7% industry benchmark). 12%
  • Increased social media likes, comments, shares and subscribes. 476%