Bolt Guitars

Bolt Guitars’ ultimately wanted to bring a unique and brand new product to the market.

Using digital marketing strategies and social media advertising, Bolt Guitars aimed to communicate with their audience and create buzz around their innovative product.

With a comprehensive digital strategy, Bolt Guitars needed support with a comprehensive video course that included over four hours of content, design and web development, product launch, and social media engagement.

Lightning strikes

Through close collaboration with the Bolt team, we created a visually appealing and user-friendly website. The website showcases Bolt Guitars’ unique products and effectively captures the attention of potential customers.

In addition, we worked closely with Bolt Guitars to develop a captivating and comprehensive video course. This course was a valuable educational resource for aspiring guitar builders and an effective marketing tool for Bolt Guitars.


Rocking the market

The partnership between Bolt Guitars and BrightRED Digital exemplified the power of effective digital marketing strategies. By leveraging our expertise, we successfully helped Bolt Guitars achieve their business objectives and establish a robust online presence within the guitar industry.

Our nine-month campaign boosted Bolt Guitars’ online visibility and brand awareness, as demonstrated in the following statistics.

  • Website views from social media 5.4k
  • Website visits from organic (unpaid) Google results 3.1k
  • Website views from paid advertising on social media and Google 303k
  • Social media reach 158.7k