Develop and Grow

Stylish and contemporary

Serving the local community for over 30 years, Abelglass approached us to refresh their existing website and create a new site for their sister company Abelglass Design.

As a long standing double glazing provider in the Blackpool area, Abelglass were keen to see how improving their online presence could translate into more sales and increased revenue.

The brief was to create stylish, contemporary websites that communicate the company’s exemplorary reputation for delivering a professional, quality service.

Improved experience, increased revenue

Abelglass Design

Innovative glass design is Abelglass Designs speciality. As such a clean design and advanced functionality that allows members of staff to keep content fresh was key. The resulting site meets the brief whilst maintaining continuity with the Abelglass brand. Because of the bespoke nature of the company’s products the facility to showcase recent projects was implemented. Now visitors to the site can view the application of the glass design, gain ideas and get in touch with the team to discuss their own projects.

Additional functionality for users and staff

Along with the re-design and development of the website, an online quotation tool was implemented. The inclusion of which had benefits for end users and staff alike. For visitors it adds value to their experience by asking speculative questions and informing them of costs involved without the need to pick up the phone. For staff, less generalistic calls are made and the administrative burden is reduced.

Develop and grow

In addition to the build, with their long term goals in mind, Abelglass joined our develop and grow program with the specific aim of raising the company profile in the local area, driving more enquiries and ultimately increasing the businesses profits.

To achieve this we created a local SEO strategy, targeting keywords and phrases commonly used by the company’s core demographic. In addition, content marketing, complimented by a strategic offline marketing campaign contributed a significant increase in orders.

Visitors that found the website through organic search results increased from an average of 2700 per month to 6900.


The average position of all targetted keywords from positions 1 to 100.


Year on year increase of sales directly attributed to digital marketing.