How Do I Get My Business On Google Maps?

How do I get my business on google maps, is a question many business owners may have pondered.

It’s a familiar feature of internet searches and a quick and easy resource.

We’ve all used Google Maps to find a mechanic or local restaurant. It’s an invaluable resource that millions of users access every day. The benefits of being included in these search results are immense.  Therefore, finding out how to do this is really important.

google maps

The answer is Google My Business

With a Google My Business profile, your business will appear whenever a user searches for a business like yours on Google Maps. Not only this, but your business profile will also appear on the main Google Search Page.

A Google My Business profile is easy to create and keep updated. The only thing you will need is an address for your business and a phone line.

Just go to and click manage now

You will need to add your business name, street address, phone number and website. You will then be given two options to verify your business; by post or by phone call.

A phone call is the quickest way to verify, and once you have, your profile will be live on Google.

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There are lots of different features you can add to Google My Business. You can feature photos, list your services and even include products. You can also add weekly posts to link to special offers or to highlight specific products or services.

Once your profile has been live for a month you will also be able to see how many visitors are landing on your profile and how many of them have taken action.

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You can find out how many visitors have asked for directions to your business, visited your website and called you.

How do I get my business on google maps

It’s a free and invaluable tool which will increase your online presence. There really is no hitch, it’s that easy!

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