An essential part of any digital marketing strategy, email marketing is direct, efficient and highly profitable.

In our ten plus years as an email marketing agency, we’ve seen the popularisation of many digital marketing techniques.

Email marketing still outperforms all other digital marketing techniques by ROI. It’s for this reason that many, many businesses continue to send email campaigns, and also why you should make sure that your campaigns stand out in the crowded inboxes of your customers.

Maximising engagement

Email marketing campaigns that get straight to the point

Creating engaging, original content with clear calls to action is paramount to the success of any email marketing campaign.

To make sure that your correspondence is well received and doesn’t end up in your customer’s junk folder there are a few things to consider. 


Create specific customer groups (segments) based on the nature of their sign-up, the data they provide or their behaviour with previous email campaigns. This informs future content, making it more relevant and less generalised.


By using the data provided by the customer (through their engagement on sign-up or through previous campaigns) campaigns can be more personalised and targetted.

A/B Testing

To aid with decisions about improvements that can be made, A/B testing allows us to trial changes on a small percentage of recipients.

Creative content

Using HTML code that has been rigorously tested, we are able to represent your business in a creative, engaging manner no matter the device or platform.

Build trust and respect your customers’ privacy.

Now more than ever, when it comes to handing out personal details, we’re all reluctant to do so without knowing what it’s for and what is in it for us.

With the addition of GDPR, you’d be forgiven for thinking the odds are against you growing your list of subscribers. We consider the increased awareness around data security to be a really good thing for those who want to undertake the process the right way and not take shortcuts.

We create email campaigns that are valuable to the recipients, giving them a reason to stay subscribed and engaged.

Our commitment to honest advice

We’ll discuss the pros and the cons of email marketing with you to help you to make a decision that meets with your immediate needs, is future-proof and supports the growth of your business for years to come.

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